Automate out of office replies

The Flow that you will have built at the end of this blogpost will trigger 15 minutes before an event starts. So when you expect to be out-of-office at 17:00 the trigger will start at 16:45 and enable your out-of-office reply in Outlook. How cool is that! We will start from the blank template Automated […]

Standardize ARM templates

Recently I was busy preparing a presentation for our Insight Innovation Day where I wanted to cover a topic about authoring ARM templates. One of the main challenges that I see with customers and consultants is to author consistent templates following a standardized pattern. Even Microsoft isn’t always doing a great job if you look […]

ARM Templates and user-defined functions

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are starting to become the privileged method for the deployment of resources in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This results in a stronger community and therefor it’s continuously being improved by our friends from Redmond. Before going into the technical details I’ll try to explain what brought me to blog about […]