Automate out of office replies

The Flow that you will have built at the end of this blogpost will trigger 15 minutes before an event starts. So when you expect to be out-of-office at 17:00 the trigger will start at 16:45 and enable your out-of-office reply in Outlook. How cool is that! We will start from the blank template Automated […]

Ignite 2018 – Download session content

What a week it was in Orlando!

This year I got the opportunity from my employer “ a division of Insight” to go to Microsoft Ignite in the Orange County Conference Center. It was mind boggling and very inspiring to see all developments from Microsoft.

What was absolutely great, was to have the opportunity to speak to the Microsoft Product teams of PowerShell, ARM, VSCode and Windows Virtual Desktop aka RDmi

The sessions that had my greatest interest were those of the new Windows Virtual Desktop. This mainly because I’m part of the Microsoft Private Preview of this great solution. unfortunately I’m not allowed to share to much info about that right now.

But I was able to get a hand on the two new commercials for this product which I would like to share, so you can have already have a speak preview of what the product is going to be. These two commercials were shown during the Microsoft Ignite session “BRK2300 – Windows Virtual Desktop overview”

Downloading the Ignite slidedecks

Okay, back to the subject again. To download the PowerPoint presentations of Ignite you can browse to the following link and enter the sessions number behind it to download the slidedeck.

Replace the <session> tag with the session number of the presentation that you want to download from Microsoft.

Downloading the ignite video’s

If you have missed any presentations or if you need to watch them again offline , you can also download these from another URL. You only need to do some extra steps which I will explain.

The URL to get the session recordings is:

Once you’ve opened the video, start it by pressing the play button. This is needed to be able to download the recording.

Once the video started, you can pause it and hover your mouse over the lower right corner and select the download icon and than click on the name of the session in the little popup.


The recording should now start to download.

Use Powershell to download sessions and slidedecks

These is a more advanced way to download session content from Ignite by using a PowerShell script. This little piece of art is written by  MVP Michel de Rooij and has all kinds of cool features to download and filter presentations and recordings from Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Inspire.

Not all content is available yet, but will probable be added during this week.

If you have any question feel free to contact me, and sharing is always appreciated!