Using Azure Cloud Shell (Part 1)

Azure Cloud shell is going to be updated within the next couple of months. A good reason for me to write a blog post about Azure Cloud Shell and how to use it.

I’m a huge fan of PowerShell since I saw the only sessions of PowerShell God Father Jeffrey Snover and Jason Helmick a couple of years ago. Ever since the language got better and faster, although it still misses some key features out-of-the-box like parallelism. Especially when your working with Azure to remove VM’s for an example it does it serial, which can take a lot of time when you want to remove 20 machines.

The main advantage is that you can run it from any device as long as it has a brower. Yes, even your mobile phone can be used to start a Cloud Shell session, how cool is that! CloudShell-iPhone7

First time configuration

When starting for the first time you have to complete a couple of steps before you can start using this feature. The Cloud Shell is running within a container via the Azure Container Service without any costs. The only costs that can involve are those for the storage account that is being used.

Configuration isn’t to difficult if you follow the dialogs. After selecting the subscription you need to enter some fields.
I always use the advanced settings because this give you some more freedom in naming the resources that are being created.

This also gives you the option to select or create a “File Share” which I will explain later.


Starting Cloud Shell Environment

After your done configuring the Cloud Shell Container you can start the environment in various ways. Either select the icon on the top right in your Azure Portal or go to

If you select the icon in the Portal it will take you to the right subscription straight away. When using the URL, which I do most of the case, you will be asked to select the subscription you want to enter. After that your ready to go.

In my next blog I will explain how to use your own PowerShell script and functions in the Cloud Shell environment

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