Azure Storage Account Explorer (Preview)

Wait, did I really miss the announcement for this product comming in Preview?

Today I was clicking around in the Azure Portal to connect my Storage Account with custom PowerShell script to a Cloud Shell instance for a new blog. When I browsed through the storage accounts my eye suddenly fell on the word “Preview” again.


Although I did see an article earlier this week regarding the updates to Storage Explorer, I didn’t see this one comming.

So what’s so cool about that you might think? Well, before this was available you always had to download the Storage Explorer and install it, and when a new version is out it needs to be updated which means (un)planned downtime….

Features that are available in the Storage Explorer from within the portal are pretty similar to what you can do with the locally installed version.

Upload and Download Blobs

You can use the Storage Explorer to upload of download blobs to storage accounts. This can be very convenient the you want to add custom scripts or store files in Azure.

Create SAS URL for Sharing and Access Control

If you want to create a temporary access link to a file and send the link to your colleagues or friends. You can configure how long before the link will expire, and access control policies on the link. Easily and securely share content with Storage Explorer!

This can also be used when deploying for example an ARM Template from a storage account where you want your code only to have access during the deployment.


Another nice feature is the button on the top right to connect the storage account to your local device or Azure VM. When clicking the button it will generate a command to add the storage account as a local drive to your machine.

I was surprised that it generates a net use command instead of a PowerShell command which is the preferred language in Azure to my humble opinion.


Hopefully this is going to change before it becomes GA (General Available)

There is no information available when this new feature will be GA and it is also not on the Azure Roadmap, but if you are with the lucky ones like me, there’s a good change you can already use it.

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